Friday, August 28, 2009

Flu Ready

Back in the Spring with the H1N1 virus made its first appearance- I hurried out like the smart woman that I am and stocked up on everything I thought we would need if we came down with the flu. In my mind I pictured sick angry shoppers fighting over the last bottle of children's Tylenol. I didn't want to be stuck in that kind of situation. So I made a list and stocked up. Thought we would be ready for sure.
Several months have passed now and SURPRISE! A practice run just for us. My daughter caught the regular stomach flu and has been recovering from it all week. There is no epidemic here, so the Saltines and Gatorade at my grocer are plentiful, but it still would have been easier to not have to go to the store twice.
Here is what the CDC recommends you store. Click here

Real life experiment
Here is what we used this week (with one child with the flu)

3 containers of Gatorade- I would store 12 or more for the family
1 container of pediatlight- I would store 4 or more
2 extra cases of wipes
1 extra box of diapers- they go fast
1 can of Lysol- I would store 6
1 extra bottle of laundry soap-
3 cans of soup- I would store 14 for the family
4 litters of 7-up
1 package of Popsicle
1 box of Saltines- I would store at least 3 for the family
thermometer- I really like my ear scan
Children's Tylenol- I would store at least one extra unopened per child
Children's Ib Profen
Vaseline and cotton - for sore bums
Straws, toys, special cups and other bribes to get my child to drink
Pro biotic- recommended by our GP
1 bottle of hand sanitizer- I would store five

This is what we used and needed with one two year old with the flu (most diahrea with a high fever). Obviously this should be adjusted to fit your family.

I have also stored
Lysol wipes and N95 masks neither which we used this week, would be needed if an epidemic were to occur.

Get your supplies now so you aren't standing at the store ill or out of luck because everyone in town got there first.

When I went to get n95 masks there were none for purchase in my entire city- of course we only have two grocery stores and a Walgreens. it is a small town, but I would venture to say you will have a hard time finding them in a store.

You can buy them online.
I ordered mine and they were delivered quickly, but I suspect that as the colder months creep closer it will take longer so I would order quickly to be sure to have them by flu season.

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  1. Great idea. We do have most of that in our year supply but med expire. I try to do a medicine clean out every spring and fall and combine cupons and sales to stock up for the next season. Also ALWAYS check experation dates BEORE you buy meds. Great post!! You ROCK!!


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