Preparedness Basics

Here are a few projects to get you started in your emergency preparedness.
Find your desired project and click on the link below for detailed instructions.

                         Vital Records Project
                                                    Time: 2 hours- 4 hours
                                                                      Cost: $50 + 

First Aid Kits for Car and Home
Time: 1 hour
Cost: $30 + 

                                               3 Month Pantry and Menu

                              72 Hour Kits
                                 Time: 1-2 hours
                                                                     Cost: $100 + 

                              Kids Car Bags
                                                                   Time: 10 minutes
                                                                        Cost: $0

                                                        Flu Kits
                                                                for kids

                         Evacuation Planning
                                                                   Time: 1 hr
                                                                    Cost: $4 

                                 Preserve Your Memories

                      Children's ID Bracelets

                      Wilderness Survival Relay

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