Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Surival Skills Relay Activity

Today I am teaching a youth group about water purification and how to signal for help when you are lost.

I am using this link as my guide for both of these things. Since the group I am teaching is 30 or so gals preparing for a young women's camp.

After presenting the information we are going to have a survivor skills relay.
I thought some of you might like to use this idea even with your families.
It is a fun way to teach emergency procedure and skills.

Each group will be given this pack with these instructions.

Survivor Relay

Find the use of each item in your pack, use it correctly to benefit your survival in the wilderness when lost to win.
1. orient yourself-
get your whole group facing north using your compass
2. Catch the rescuers eye-
hang something bright in your pack on a "tree"
3. Send Morse code with your flashlight-
three short dashes-three long dashes- then three short dashes again.
4. Sweep the horizon with your mirror to attract attention
5. Write SOS on the ground (paper and pen)
6. Purify your water. with iodine tablets
label your empty clean container (masking tape and pen)
Place water in clean container. Add iodine 2 tablets for every liter.
Count to five- (to signify five minutes)
Shake to dissolve tablets completely
7. Purify your water with bleach
add four drops for every liter.
Close container

8. Blow your whistle three times to signal distress while the rest of your group signals with their arms they are in need of help.

This is what they will find inside.

I hope it will be fun and informative.

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