Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Case Lot Shopping List

Boy am I hoping to find the chance to go case lot shopping this week.

I checked out Smith's and Macey's. They have case lot sales at the same time (4/7/2010 for two weeks) AND even more importantly are withing 25 minutes from my house.

I checked out their circulars
Smith's here
Macey's here

These are for my area- but you can enter in your zip code and store info for a more personalized approach.

I have compiled this list.

Canned mandarin oranges 24 for $8.00 or .33c a piece
Diced Tomatoes 24 for $ 12.00 or .50c a piece
Canned Kidney Beans 24 for $12.00 or .50c a piece
White Flour 10 lbs for $10.80
Canned Pears 24 for $16.32 or .68c a piece
Total $59.12

Macey's- Thank Macey's for bringing food storage supplies to the average shopper. And for often offereing their case lot prices on single items.
Cream of Chicken Soup 24 for $11.76 or .49c a piece
Canned Pineapple Chunks 24 for $18.72 or .78c a piece
Canned Black Beans 24 for $13.92 or .58c a piece
Bread and Muffin Mix 10 99c a piece
Laundry Detergent Powder 30 lbs for $5.88
Total $60.18

Plus a gal pal just agreed to split a few cases so our small families can have the variety we want. A great idea when you want to get the great prices but don't have the room or a very large demand.

They also have can rotation systems on sale for $19.88. If I am lucky maybe I can weasel a few of these in my cart without feeling too guilty.

You know I am looking forward to organizing it all the most. :)

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