Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feeling Good

This is a picture of the 3 months supply pantry after case lot shopping, with some more that would not fit in a downstairs closet.

And I am feeling good....

I am actually still short a few cans of tuna and chicken, two jars of salsa and two jars of jam. But that should do it.

Here is the menu my family will be eating if we had to live off what was in our home for the next three months.

Day 1 Breakfast Lunch Dinner

waffles Soup Rice

syrup crackers Beans

milk Flavored Drink Corn

Day 2 Cereal Bread Noodles

milk Peanut Butter White Sauce

Honey Can Veggie

Day 3 Pancakes Mac & Cheese Chili

Corn Bread


Day 4 Oatmeal/ cereal Soup Chicken

hot cocoa Crackers Rice

milk Flavored Drink Cream Soup

can Veggies

Day 5 muffins Bread Spagettie

canned fruit Peanut Butter Tomatoe Sauce

milk Jam mashed potatoes

Day 6 Pancakes Mac & Cheese Rice



Day 7 Oatmeal Bread Chicken

Hot cocoa Tuna Rice

Mayo Pineapple

Teriyaki Sauce

Brownies, Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pudding, Popcorn and Jello

Repeated over and over again week after week.
That is how you can make planning a 3 month supply easy.
Find 7 meals for each mealtime your family likes to eat, figure out what you need for one meal, then multiply it by 13. You don't even have to find seven different meals. You will see that I repeat pancakes for breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch.

Thankfully we don't have to live off what is in our pantry, so they will be served these meals less frequently over the next 6 - 9 months instead.

But it does feel good to be all stocked up and complete again.


  1. I love that feeling! I can't get the sweets to stay put though. I get too tempted to make brownies or cakes on a regular basis.

    When planning my pantry, I came up with two weeks worth of meals. It also helps to write down meals that can be made with the items you have. For example, your chicken, rice, cream soup, and canned veggies dinner could be anything from casserole to stuffed chicken breast. That way you get diversification without having to think about it when in a tough situation.

  2. I heard a woman say once she went through her entire year's supply of chocolate in a two week period when they were in a real emergency, I am adding more chocolate to my supply! :) thank you for takin the time to share this, easy and simple - something I can copy.

  3. High sugar high carb. I need a Pepcid just reading that. Pancakes, waffles, syrup, all nutritionally worthless. If anyone in your crew leans towards diabetes that menu will toss them over the edge for sure. Why not swap some of those out for a #10 can or two of egg powder?

    1. Pancakes and Waffles can be nutricious if you make them out of whole wheat. However during an emergency you want meals that are low stress to make and eat. When my husband lost his job I could barely function little a lone grind wheat, soak beans etc. The easier the better when you are stressed.

  4. I love the plan! I would like to see the grocery shopping list that you had to go with it. I think it is a plan that is easily adaptable for our own specific tastes. Looks good!


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