Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh So Anxious!

I have admitted to all of you before that I am anxious.
Anxiety in fact- is partially what drives me to dedicate my time to preparedness.
I am talking about a different kind of anxious today though.
I am so anxious, to garden.

As soon as stores start to carry seeds, they are in my cart, and home in cups and boxes starting to grow.
The problem with that is I live in the foothills of the Unitah Mountains.
If I plant before June 1- chances are my plants will freeze.
I know because I always plant starts in my windows about now and this is what always happens.
My starts will be ready to transfer by May 1, because I was anxious, and couldn't wait any longer.
So when their containers can't take it anymore, I will transplant a few to larger containers.
And put the rest in the ground outside in May- with evening temps still dipping into the 30's.
And they will likely freeze.
And I will have to start over.
It will be the second week of May though.
And in two or three weeks time again my starts will be ready to transplant.
And this time it will be just right outside.

So it all works out I guess anyways.

The sunniest spot in our home is on top of the washer. These are my starts just sun bathing.
Below is a Zucchini plant my daughter planted with our neighborhood co-op just three weeks ago.
No harm in getting the ground ready though.

This guy enjoyed the work. Yes that is a mouth full of dirt.

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