Wednesday, April 14, 2010

6 cans and a Crockpot.

A girl friend who had invited us over for dinner last week said
" how come when we come to your house for dinner you already have it ready, but when your family comes here I am scrambling to get things done"
I was happy to share my secret.

I make dinner almost every day at 10:00 am.

Reason 1: I don't like cooking
Reason 2: I really don't like cooking on a stove
Reason 3: Half my kids are napping at 10:00 am- if I get anything done during the day, this is when that happens.
Reason 4: By 5:00 pm I am worn out and sometimes grumpy from what has usually been 12 hours of caring for toddlers without a break. At five all I want to do is lay down, not something I don't like doing- cooking on a stove.
Reason 5: My best meals are created in a crock pot, I cook 3 or more meals a week in a crock pot, because it allows me to make dinner at 10:00 am. And no we don't just eat soups, though that is what I am posting today. We make everything- including Chinese and Thai food and dessert in the crock pot.

It is these above reasons that have taught me my next secret.
6 cans of almost any variety in a crock pot turn out delicious.

Today's mixture included
1. stewed tomatoes
2. chicken broth
3. black beans
4. white beans
5. kidney beans
6. corn
- and some left over breakfast sausage
served with corn bread.

This is a go to meal of mine whenever I have nothing planned and especially if I have a very small amount of leftover meat from a previous meal.

Go searching your pantry of canned goods. See if you can come up with 6 different cans.
I would recommend one of them being some kind of canned tomatoes.
Throw them in a crock pot.
You don't need a recipe.
Just a pantry stocked with canned goods and some common sense.

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  1. I frequently use my crockpot for much the same reasons, I'm a morning person, and I can get the meal made and the kitchen clean in the morning and then we have a nice meal when I am tired. Thanks for your great site.


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