Monday, August 31, 2009

Kids Car Bag

Time: ten minutes
Cost: $0

I mentioned in previous post how I don't have everything I should in my 72 hr kit because I have some of it in my car at all times in my kids car bags. I thought I might detail today what is in those bags. It is an easy project- that will take all of ten minutes. Everything for it you already have. You can make a bag for each child- or I just have ours in one big bag in the back of my SUV. Keep in mind you may need to adjust your child's bag to fit their needs.

Bag- any kind of bag will do, I am using an extra diaper bag. I think the bags they give you at the hospital when you leave full of ads and formula would also be an excellent choice.
Snacks: choose your kids favorite. I have fruit snacks, pretzels, handi-snacks and baby "puffer" cereal
Drinks: Juice boxes, one gatorade and one "meal" drink- like pediasure. I have a liter of water in my car as well- but not in this bag.
Diapers- three for each kids
Wipes: one small pack will do.
Clothing: one change of clothes and socks for each child. I went with Pajama type clothing, mostly because I like the middle weight of the clothing, so they will work in an emergency in any season and also because it is not big loss if they never wear this one particular pair of cheap pajamas.
Entertainment: we have a book with a marker and a small stuffed animal that makes noise.

I don't have any first aid type things in the bag, but I do have that in my car which I will leave for another post.

The idea to always have these things in my car didn't just come to me. I found myself needing clothes for a child one day when we were away from home and they threw up all over themselves. I hadn't been in the habit for packing clothes in the diaper bag because my daughter was a little older, so I was stuck. There have been other times when we have just been stuck in construction (one time standing still for forty five minutes) where the snacks in the bag have been essential. I will admit that I use things out of the bag from time to time when we are at the park or perhaps when I am just in too much of a hurry to pack a diaper bag.
I am confident knowing that I could meet all my children's needs for possibly up to an entire day just out of what is on my at all times in the car.

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