Monday, July 12, 2010

Children's Emergency ID Braclets

I really can hardly imagine a more horrible emergency than having a child lost.
I once thought I lost Katerade for what seem liked 5 hours- but was actually about 10 seconds- in the parking lot of a store. Now I always put her straight from the car to a cart instead of having her stand by the car while I get the other child out as to prevent future heart attacks.

The possibility of having a child lost for more than 10 seconds seems to grow as the children get older and more mobile and independent. I will do everything I can to prevent that from happening, but I also want to be a little bit prepared in case a child were to run off at the grocery store, or - more horrific- our fall planned trip to Disneyland.

I wish I would have remember this idea of mine sooner-
I mean before we head out for vacation next week in Idaho.

Either way I have ID bracelets for my children on their way to my house as I type.

I searched the web and found WRIST BANDS NOW
the most friendly for ordering a few customizable children's bands.
Many companies did not have a child size, or had minimum requirements for most their bands.
WRIST BANDS NOW did have some minimum requirements- but I was able to create a perfectly functional band for each child.

Katerade got this pink band with her first and last name and my cell phone number. Plus a butterfly image that was free to add.

Samurai got the orange with his first and last name and my cell phone number with a tiger paw print on it that was also a free add on.Each band was $5.50, and I think there were even cheaper options if you didn't care as much what color you got, but I wanted them in their favorite colors with a picture of something that made them unique.
Plus I thought white would be less noticeable on a screaming child than bright pink or orange.

Not only will the bands provide an adult useful information in returning my children to me in an emergency, and the ability to at least call my children by their name, I think that my children will feel pretty cool wearing them.

It is much better than the alternatives I have considered which include implanted GPS tracking chips or a permanent marker tatoo on their forearms.

I'll be sure to update you when the bands come on how they hold up, if the kiddos really like them and what they actually look like on my kids wrists.


  1. While these bracelets do sound like a good idea, you must be careful as well. I've heard of a lot of people putting kids in shirts with their names on them in places like Disney World. That then allows an unsavory character access to the child by saying "Hey, Katie, your mom wanted me to pick you up today." People around the child won't be suspicious because the child is going willingly and the character knew her name.

  2. SS. I had thought of that. But I really don't let my children out of my sight. If they were not with me, they would be lost and I would need all the help I could get. I did consider only putting the phone number on their bracelet, but decided in the end that having the name would do more good than harm in our most likely situation. These bracelets are kept in the car and only for certain things, not every day wear where a predator might see them.
    I am a very predator aware parent having worked for the State Child and Family Services as a Social Worker. I generally teach my children safety and am aware of predator behavior so in our case I decided to opt for names.
    Depending on use and situation I think you have a valid point.


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