Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st Aid Kits for Home and Car

I found these easy to do together because you can buy a lot of the same things and divide them between the three kits.

Time: 90 minutes- which includes a trip to the store
Cost: $30- $100 depending on what you already have at home.

Car Kits
Tupperware container- red of course
infant Tylenol- I seem to always buy when we still have 1/3 a bottle left- all the car needs
latex gloves
bandaids of all sizes
ace bandaid
alcohol wipes
alka seltzer
iodine wipes
germ x wipes
saftey pins
neosporin wipes
maxi- pads -use to stop bleeding from large cuts as well
Tic Tacs- keeping kids quiet in an emergency
Fingernail clippers
super glue
Benadryl cream
eye drops
Emergency/ contact phone numbers
Basic first aid fact sheet
Allergy/ medication family information
Sting/ bite balm

Home 1st Aid Kit.
I had this great red cooler that we just don't use that often- perfect. It zips shut- where I could easily put a combo lock through it to make it more child proof. For now I just have it on the top shelf on the linen closet with a child proof handle. I love how easy it would be to grab and go in an emergency. Much better than standing there rummaging through my entire cabinet trying to find something while the person in need is somewhere alone waiting for me to return.
I don't know where you can find the bag I used- but I did find this one online.
Of course there is always something like this that is super official and for not much more money.

I went through our medicine cabinet and threw away everything that was expired- half of what was in there was
What was included in the kit

Infant fever reducer
children fever reducer
children's bendadryl
rubbing alcohol
hydrogen peroxide
ear thermometer
traditional thermometer- I had four. I guess I never need to buy another one
Children's Imodium
Children's Pepto
bandaids of all sizes
ace bandages
super glue
icy hot
hot pack
surgical masks
latex gloves
eye drops
milk of magnesia
cold medicine
night time cold medicine
pain antiseptic
cold sore medicine
Itch Cream
Cold Compress
Large Neosporin
Emergency/ contact phone numbers
Basic first aid fact sheet
Allergy/ medication family information
I am still also hoping to get an epi pen and/or sting kit

I also went online and ordered some more surgical masks and am going to get some more gloves since I only had a few of each. Knowing me the next time I am at the store I will make a quick sweep of the pharmacy to see what else I am lacking.
If you have an idea of things I should add- based on experience or need leave a comment.

Car First Aid Kit contents picture
Home First Aid Kit Contents

I found a few good first aid kits for sale online as well if you would rather have it delivered to your door with out much effort.

From Amazon- though you may have to add a few items. These premade kits always include a ton of bandages but not much else.

Or this one from the 7 store

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