Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Case Lot Shopping

The week after Labor Day is a great day to build upon your food storage or even start from scratch. Often it is the week grocers will hold their bi-annual case lot sale. Near me, this week both Smith's and Harmon's are having case lot sales.

Here is what I added to my storage by the case
1 case of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix- 24 for $7.90 or $.33 a box
1 case of Kroger Cream of Chicken Soup 24 for 11.99 or $.49 a can
1 case of Libby corn- 24 for $10.56 or $.59 a can
1 case of Barletts Pears -24 for 16.32 or $.68 a can
1 case 500ml Kroger Bottled Water. 24 bottles for $2.50 or $.10 a bottle.
Total $49.30

Often when there is a case lot sale you can also get items individually (if you do not want a whole case) for a marked down price. I took advantage of this and added these

Libby Peas $.76 a can
Handi Snack Pudding- $.80 for 4
canned mushrooms- $.52 a can
Tomatoe Sauce- $ .27 a can
Stewed Tomatoes- $.53 a can
Kroger instant oatmeal-$1.25 for 10 ind. packets
Kroger Ranch Salad Dressing- $1.00
Assortment of Pastas. $.79 for 8 servings
Kroger grape Jelly- $1.89 for 32 oz
Kroger Peanut Butter- $1.25 for 16.4 oz
Kroger Apple Juice- $125
Total $16.36

I bought a few other groceries for the pantry as well.
4.5 lbs of Minute Rice- $7.99
Enfamil- 2 13 oz cans- 13.99 a peice
Two 5lb bags of all purpose flour- $1.55 a bag
6 1 cup packages of Crisco- $3.69 for 3
Total $46.45

I had a $5.00 store coupon as well as $6.00 in Enafmil coupons that come in the mail.
If I spend over $90 at Smith's I get $.15/ gallon of gas. I filled up and save $2.10. So I will subtract $13.10 from the total for a new total of.....


I was just adding to an already formed storage. They had lots of other items on sale in their case lot sale like
Tuna case of 48 for $24.00
Beef Stew 12 cans for $20.28
24 counts Top Ramen Noodles for $3.oo
Betty Crocker Cake Mix 12 for $10.80
Hormel Chili 12 for $10.68
Evaporated Milk 24 for $15.60

If you have no storage but want to start, check with your local grocer to see when they host their case lot sale. Another tip, since you may not have the funds to purchase tons of food storage at once, is to take along a friend, and split each case. This way you still get all the savings of shopping case lot, but have a greater variety of items.

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  1. I love to shop in bulk. We go to Sam's to stock up!


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