Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas

Is it already to early to start posting about what to get everyone for Christmas? I am already thinking about it of course, so what is the harm in posting. I think there really is no better gift than a needed item for a food storage pantry or emergency supply. Really you could theme all your gifts this year around preparedness. See.
Hostess or Neighbor Gift
A candle is a pretty typical hostess/ neighbor gift. What about this emergency candle? Get 12 complete with wrapping for $45.00 or about $3.75 a gift here.
I would prefer this to a plate of way to much sugar any day.

Friend Gift
This Emergency Food Storage text would be a treat for any friend... or every friend at under $11 a piece. That is a hint friends :)

Boss/ Co-Worker Gift
This beautiful stainless steel canteen. A gift for the boss or co-workers. It is classy, useful around the office, and not too personal, especially if you don't get them personalized. Get a bunch of different colors so everyone's is different.

Sibling Gift

My sister is moving into a new house with tons of closets and storage. If I had drawn her name for Christmas this year maybe she would be getting some food rotation shelves filled with her families favorites. They are even on sale right now for $34.99 at Shelf Reliance

My parents are the most ridiculous people to shop for. They already have waaaaaay to much stuff. And they just buy themselves whatever they want, and the calendars/ mouse pads/ mugs/ frames/ etc. plastered with their grandchildren's faces are getting a little old. Here is something I think they could actually use. A large fire and water file chest found on amazon for $58. Maybe with a note that says I will help them get their documents in order. They are very unorganized. I have spent hours more than once during a family emergency scouring their home for contact info or insurance numbers. So secrettlly this might be a present to them to benifit me.

Looks like my shopping is done. Ha Ha, actually I have one gift, and it wasn't even purchased with emergency preparedness in mind. I think my two year old still prefers dream doll houses to dehydrated apple slices.... but I could be wrong.
Coming soon. My Christmas wish list. :)

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