Wednesday, November 11, 2009

H1N1 shots

After wrestling with the decision all night, I took the kids to the Health Department to get their H1N1 flu shot this morning. We only had an hour wait, and only about 15 minutes of that was outside- just one more reason to appreciate living in a rural community. I am not sure what was the worst part, the hundred or so disgusting, coughing, sneezing children surrounding us, or the crying that followed. Only letting her watch Dora the Explorer was able to calm her down. The baby though was a complete stud and didn't even wince. Oh I know what the worst part was... that we have to come back for a 2nd round of vaccinations to ensure complete immunity. What is that you say? You didn't know that children under ten had to receive two immunizations? Yeah me neither- which goes to show you how little publicity there has been on this fact, since I read and listen to a lot of flu information. The CDC mentions is briefly here, but I feel like the health departments are intentionally not readily giving this information because they push getting the vaccination and if parents knew that two were required, they would be more likely not to have their children receive the immunization. I was looking forward to being done with the shot and not having to worry about getting H1N1, but it looks like I still have some shots to go and a lot more worry before all is said and done. UGGGG. Looking forward to the 104 degree fever my daughter gets after flu shots this afternoon..... but not really.

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