Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hand Grain Mill Giveaway

The Preparedness Pantry has been doing so many great giveaways lately. I already received my $20 in gift cards and made an order. My husband (although he would never say it) I am sure sees this blog as a waste of my time, but hey know I can say I made $20. So that is like 40 cents and hour.
Now they are giving away a Hand Grain Mill valued at $79.99. Go enter. It is so easy for me to get excited about a company that lures you in with prizes...and I am not being sarcastic. I am yet to get to excited about wheat, but winning this would get me there. The drawing ends tomorrow so be quick.

Even if you don't win, they are having a sale this month on the Hand Grain Mill- $59.99 and new low pricing on wheat.

I think they ought to start paying me for all this publicity... I would probably need more than six readers for that.

Good Luck!

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