Friday, November 13, 2009

Redmond Clay

This week a rural RN and acquaintance of mine taught a class about caring for your family from home. She focused on a lot of natural home remedies. Although I am more of a traditional medicine gal, one thing she advised families have in their medicine cabinets was Redmond Clay. I had never heard of this product, but after her stories of its healing properties, and reviewing the material on their website, I am pleased to be the proud owner of a small supply.
It claims 1000 uses including its ability to help with all kinds of intestinal ails (everything from IBS to the stomach flu), but of course you have to be willing to eat the clay. If you are not so brave, you can use it externally to help with acne, sprains, tennis elbow, diaper rash, muscle aches, ingrown toenails, eczema, infection, detoxification, and even wrinkles. Sounds like a miracle cure all at a very reasonable price-$10 for a 10 oz jar like the one featured above. Plus they are a local company, and I love helping local business. Looking forward to trying the new weapon in our arsenal to defeat the constant ingrown toenails my toddler has.

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