Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Case Lot Janurary

Today Macey's, Harmon's and Smith's Grocery in Utah start their case lot sales. I try to stock up on canned goods during these sales- because I hate it when I want to get a can of corn or pears- our family favorites- and I have to spend more than 80 cents a can. Here are some links to their ads- see what your pantry could use and stock up. Their sales typically last two weeks however, it is first come first serve, and I have noticed that the second week of their sales they usually have run out of several items.

Smith's case lot sale ad. here
Macey's case lot sale ad. here
Harmon's case lot list. here
Harmon's even offers #10 cans of various long term storage items during this sale for $5.99 !

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