Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something Old, Something New....

I am actually not sure how this post fits in with my normal lists, how- to's and info about preparedness and provident living. But using something old instead of buying something new, saves money, is earth friendly, and it just makes you feel plain awesome. I have been following a a couple of blogs lately about just this. I think my readers will enjoy them.

My husband laughs at me a lot when I talk about re purposing stuff. Most wives pine for an evening alone to get their nails done... me... and evening to scour through my local Dessert Industries and Thrift Stores for something to spray paint.
Which is why I love this blog.
Her and her followers make old stuff new again.
Like this desk before. Whose parents homes/ local thrifts don't have several of these around? Well okay maybe minus the beautiful claw legs.
well this is what it became.. for what I can guarantee was less- much, much, less than the price of a new special desk.
Or how about this re-do
into this.... which is so my style.
Enough about furniture.
How about something a little more everyday?I think clothing use to be a regular item in emergency preparedness collections. Coats and shoes would be essential still- but a good sewing machine and a few tools and I could outfit our children in entirely new wardrobes using their father's old shirts and old towels... no really- I could. Because MADE makes it easy. Dana at has a growing list of tutorials designed to help an amateur seamstress like myself. Turn this shirt my husband would never wear anyway.
into something so charming.
I actually made these pants for my son out of an old t-shirt I had not worn since college.

So whether you are just feeling thrifty, or you just can't convince yourself that you really do need that $2400 dinning room table from Pottery Barn- I suggest you give these gal's a look.
Better After:
Save Money and Save the Earth. It is just so appealing.

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  1. I am dreaming of a redo/makeover like this one...


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