Saturday, May 1, 2010

Read Something.

I have referenced in my blog before the fact that at night my dreams are filled with anything apocalyptic and grim. I can actually only recall one dream in the last- oh- two years that didn't involve me running from somebody, fighting to stay alive, having to rely on my own skill and knowledge to keep my children alive, or me trying to overpower some kind of communist rein requiring me to transit secret messages to my friends and family so they will be in on the plan too.
The funny thing about this is that it turns out it is kind of genetic. Both of my only sisters have the same sad dreamy life. But it is not sad completely.
In a way we have all found it empowering. I feel like my dreams, if nothing else, would make me more relaxed and level headed if earthquake, nuclear war, government collapse, or having to swin through an ocean of dead bodies, actually ever occurred.

Now that being said, you will surely understand why I am making a book recommendation.

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins or get it here The Hunger Games

likewise her Catching Fire -almost as addicting
and the Mocking Jay
you can pre-order right now on Amazon for under $9.00. (I just did) here.

Before I continue let me promise you that I am kind of a non-fiction snob.
I refuse to read anything that is trendy, comes in a trilogy, or has anything to do with teenage wizards or love stuck vampires.
Although this falls into the category of being both trendy and a trilogy.
I read it.
And I am so glad.
I think Collins must have the same genetic apocalyptic dream code my sisters and I share.
And I could not get enough.

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