Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fabric Flower Tutorial

I have been making a lot of these fabric flower clips lately.
Everyone thinks they are lovely and wants to make one for themselves.
The thing is it is soooo easy and can be basically free.
And perfect for pinning on pearl necklaces, bags, headbands or shirts.
All you need is a scrap of material about 7" by 16", anything close with do.
Preferably the material should be a light single knit or cotton/ spandex blend. But most anything will do as long as it is not too thick.
I have even used felt before.

Old shirts like this one work well.
This shirt was in my "will never fit over my post baby belly" pile.
So I cut my material from it.

Start by cutting out a circle of material about the size of a penny.
It doesn't have to be perfect, sometimes the imperfection is what makes it lovely.
And the rolling on the edges should happen naturally.

Continue to cut out eight of more layers of circles gradually increasing in size until you have the size of flower you want.
Pile them on top of one another largest to smallest to make a stack of circles.
Now comes the harder, but fun part.
Get a bead, a button, even a knot of fabric for the center embellishment.
Thread them through and securely knot them in the back.
Use what you have, a broken necklace embellished the pins with black beads above.
You can connect the pin two different ways.
Dab some hot glue on the back and attach a small piece of felt.
Then dab some glue on the felt and attach the pin.
Or you can just continue with the thread from the beads and sew it on.
Be sure to run through the pin two or three times for durability.
You can go bright and big too- these just take about 14 layers instead of 8.
And only have a little knot of the same fabric for the center embellishment.

Now don't get the urge to cut up a perfectly good shirt.
Though I did.

I usually pin them on necklaces and shirts, but bags and headbands would work well too.
Send me your pictures if you make some.
I would love to see.

I went a little crazy

and ended up with the perfect pin for a 3 year olds 4th of July.

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  1. I love the flowers and the very easy to follow instructions :-) im easily distracted and easily frustrated and i think i can follow these fairly easily! (visiting from DIY show off!)

  2. i'm going to make a bunch of these and fill up an old vintage plate with them to keep on my dresser!! thanks for the wonderful idea : )

  3. love making fabric flowers!!! i use them as hair barrets....
    here's a link to crap I've made: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=79457&id=1041215964&l=13c859234e

    hope you can see it.

    visiting also from DIY Show Off.



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