Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Projects

I've been working on a new project for myself.
Yup- something just for me.

Do you feel like being a mom these days requires a whole new set of skills?
I mean that in addition to mending, cleaning, baking bread, and gardening there is a new modern skill set mothers are required to have.
I do.
I look at friends, family members, and especially other blogHers.
They seem to be able to do...and have the energy to do... everything well.

Not only can they can, and sew curtains while they wait for a dryer cycle to complete, now they are experts at Photoshop, making money while blogging, serving their families vegan/gluten free diets, supplying their children with new crafts or activities each day and refinishing a good will dresser into a robin egg blue charming vintage entertainment center with anthro knobs.

At least that is how I start to feel sometimes.
Sometimes it makes me frustrated with how little I get done in a day.
And how exhausted I am just doing those few things.
And how I am not good at most the things I do.

There is one thing that I feel I am doing that has me holding my head above water in matters of new age mom skills.

That is Photography.
I am not the best photographer.
But I have enjoyed it for the better part of 10 years.
Majesty bought me a swanky D-SLR last year for the day of my birth.
It only made me better, and love it more.

Sometimes I forget I love it.
And that it really makes me happy.

Recently I have remembered.
And whilst I was in the mood, I created an online gallery/ portfolio.

I thought you all over here my care for a minute.

Hop on over, and be a follower please.

It will surely make me feel New Age Mom Skill Adequate for a good few minutes.

Do you have New Age Mom Skills?
Really this is anything.
A great new recipe, craft, you can even post that goodwill furniture re-do.
I want to see what you are doing?
What are you good at?
What are you doing just for you?

Can I see?

Link to your post here

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