Monday, November 15, 2010

Thrifty Find- Sideboard

 Last weekend my husband was packing for another camp out with the scout troop.  Packing his sleeping bag, extra clothes, the food I had purchased for them at Coscto... and my nice pots.  This happens often, and sometimes I end up not getting them back.  So together we decided I would run to the Catholic Thrift Store to see if I could round up some for them to have permanently.  I didn't find any.
But I did find this.
$100 and I couldn't convince myself to buy it.
I thought about it all night long.
And then I was in line before the Catholic Thrift Store even opened for the 1st time in my life hoping it was still there the next morning.
And it was.
I sat there for a second, noticed more flaws then I had remembered, contemplated how I would get it home, then offered $80.
And they went for it.

 She needs some work no doubt.
 Somebody cut off two of her feet even.  Who does that?

But I think she will clean up very nicely.
I think some walnut stain on top, hammered bronze spray to the pulls and creamy white to the body perhaps glazed over and distressed a bit.
But I am not sold on that if you have any better ideas?
She is too large to just stay all wood stain I think.

I have searched high and low but have only been able to find the stamp "buffet no. 98" across the back.
I want to know more about her.  Does anyone have any ideas?


  1. Nothing helpful from me. It reminds me of my grandparents furniture, so that puts in into the 1920s and 30s. I think take a photo of it around to antique dealers and ask for suggestions.

  2. Beautiful! It will look nice no matter what you decide to do with it.


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