Friday, December 3, 2010

A little thirfting is always nice

$3.99 for the pair. Blond haired girls always fit in with my decor. Plus I love old Christmas stuff.
German Chocolate Cake Plate- $3.49. I love the little german children on top. I can't decide if this will go to my own serving ware or my sisters vintage etsy site- Thrifted Sister.
$0.99 mod serving tray. This will likely end up over at Thrifter Sisters.
$0.46 a piece- these soup bowls will be perfect for my Under $1 present for one of my siblings- namely my 22 year old brother who has been making stew on his own for his own consumption since he was 6 years old.

{Each year instead of drawing names for a sibling, we buy for each person. The rule is you can't spend more than $1. You can give anything you already own, anything you got for free, or anything your purchased for less than $1. It is so much fun seeing what good stuff everyone finds for a dollar. I am anxious to share the rest of my $1 finds, but I believe the siblings receiving other gifts may just read this blog and see so it will have to wait}
A {grundle} of books ranging in price from $.046 to $0.99. Plus one was free. I can never get enough books for my kids, they love them.... and destroy them.
For the little miss- A light weight purple pea coat, and light weight red ARIEL jacket "sure to please", some Carters pants, and a silver puffy vest from GAP. Coming in around $11.00 for the four items.
This shirt for Sam was $4.00, and a Walmart brand which I usually won't buy 2nd hand- but it still had the tags on it and I thought he would look like a charmer in it.
And lastly this American Eagle turtle neck in great shape for me for $3.29.
I thought turtle necks were out, but then I got me one this fall and have decided they are very much in.


  1. What great finds. I love that German Chocolate plate. Love it.

  2. I love second hand stores! It is a blast trying to find good stuff at amazing prices.


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