Monday, February 7, 2011

Long Time No.....Blog

I have been most obviously absent from this little blog of mine for some time.
The last few months have brought about some changes for our little family and the blog got the back seat.
The changes mostly being that I am pregnant with our third child.
We couldn't be more excited about adding to our family.
But I couldn't be more sick.
You can read more about the adventures of me fainting, puking and being completely miserable here if you want. But I doubt you do.
Also we have been directed even more recently to feed out children a gluten free diet as they both are showing symptoms of being gluten sensitive. Any extra time I might have scrounged for myself to blog by buying our bread from the grocery store and serving them Spagetii O's for lunch has now been donated to preparing fresh and special foods for the family.

I will return someday.
Hopefully with the amazing kids bedroom makeovers, a new nursery and finished basement that are in the works to be finished by May 1.

Until our lives our back to some kind of normal


  1. wow, nothing like a "little" change to turn your routine upside down. Hope the first stages of your pregnancy goes smoothly and you figure out the gluten free thing without too much trouble. We'll be waiting for you, till you get back!


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