Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Play Room Inspiration

The playroom in the basement is almost finished.
And by finished I mean framed, wired, sheetrocked, mudded, textured and on its way to be painted.
I can hardly wait to move the toys in.
And I lay awake at night... mostly due to pregnancy insomnia.... thinking about the decor.
My dreams really include making the children leave for the entire day, and setting the whole thing up so they can come downstairs to a magical room of toys and fun.
It is more likely to be created, ordered and assembled piece by piece though.

I am mostly posting about it because I want to see the ideas all together, and maybe I will think about something else as I lay awake in bed all night instead.

Some bunting like this made from fabric scraps combined with some vintage flashcards I have.
Kidkraft play kitchen

Rug from Ikea I already have
Fabric from Spoonflower
Fabric from spoonflower

Spoonflower fabric
For pillows and curtains.

Carnival prints form this etsy shop
or maybe I can take my own.
and maybe with this wall map

Ikea bookcase- in black/ brown

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