Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kids Growth Stick

I'm getting stuff done around here today. 
No really, normally that would be a joke, but not this afternoon.
I have two kids napping- a lucky moment two of the three fell asleep on the 20 minute drive home from the farm.  And I kept them sleeping.
I've taught K how to read 10 new words, and she got it so quick I felt I had been a great parent for just 20 minutes.  So then I moved on to something I wanted to do.
I finally finished this growth stick for the kids...
oh you finished yours at Christmas along with every other person on pinterest.
I know I'm slow.
Even my five year old kept asking me when we were going to make it.
She remembered when I drug her to the store to buy the lumber I guess, 
or saw it sitting in the garage untouched every day.
It is pretty bad when your kids start nagging you you haven't done a project in a while.

I'm pleased. 
I think I combined about ten I saw on pinterest (here) and (here) and on everybody I knows wall to get the finally results.
And aren't I lucky that my sister-in-law got a vinyl cutter for Christmas?
Such an easy project too.
1. Sand your board
2. Stain
3. Mix acrylic white paint with water 
4. Tape off stripes and white wash in between tape
5. Apply vinyl
You could of course obviously paint the numbers on, which is what I had planned to do until I found I had a vinyl cutter so close.

Mine was made starting 7inches from the ground so it can be hung on the wall above baseboards.
And still needs to be hung obviously.

K asked me why I wanted to measure her since I'm always telling her "there is no growing up in this house"
They never listen any ways. 

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