Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here we go!

It will be no surprise to those who know me best that I am starting this blog. I spend may to much money, energy and time, in emergency preparedness already, why not make a blog about it (which will inevitable take even more time).

I am not sure where the interest in emergency and disaster preparedness started.
My entire life I have had nightmares of the Armageddon. They never really bothered me but remain and give me something to picture or think about.

I worked for a food storage company in college briefly where I met all kinds of obsessives. The type who had underground homes in Virginia stocked with a 30 year supply of food in case the country was hit by a nuclear bomb. I didn't get it then.

When I young and married, I watched hurricane Katrina ravish New Orleans on television. I made us a 72 hour kit in a hiking backpack and kept it by the door. I wanted to be ready but mostly it was by the door because we were poor and lived in a very small house with no other place to store it. I put emergency blankets, food, flashlights in this backpack. It was a good idea, but we were young, fit and healthy. We could have easily survived with no food and the clothes on our backs.

My husband has been the Scout Master for our local troop for seven years. He involves them in a lot of safety, disaster, and emergency type learning. But I am not too involved with all of that either.

Then I became a mother. I started to lay awake at night worrying about everything and anything. I can remember before I had really done anything to prepare for emergencies being very stressed about the "what ifs". I couldn't take it anymore. I spent three straight days building a shelving unit and shopping specials at Costco and Wal-Mart to build a food storage that would last us for at least three months... and I felt much better... and I didn't stop there.

When I do something, I do it all the way. In fact this blog in a way to keep (hide) my obsession from my personal blog. I am not really a pessimist, but preparing for the "unexpected" seems an unrealistic term. I expect the unexpected, and life goes a lot smoother.


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