Thursday, August 27, 2009

Start with the Basics

I have so much to share I had a hard time deciding where to start. I have a list of posts I want to do that is quickly numbering to 100. I wanted to start with something simple and essential so WATER won. Even water is such a large topic. I want to give you something you can go out and do today.

How Much Water Should I Store?
You should store at minimum a three day supply of water per person in your household. On average this is one gallon a person. So my household would be 4 people x 1 gallon x 3 days =12 gallons. Of course you could always try it out. Fill a gallon or two of water, and see how many you go through in three days. I would add a few extra gallons to this amount though because conditions could be different (ie. heat). Keep in mind this is just drinking water, but it is a good place to start. Long term water storage I will save for another post.

How do I store the water?
Really it is not that expensive to buy commercially packaged water, keep it sealed and keep and eye on the "use by" date. I have been able to purchase several gallons of bottled water for our storage just by watching sales at my local grocery store. I think I paid 50c a gallon for the last round I purchased.
If you want to package your own water for storage FEMA recommends you only use litter bottles you get soda in. Rise with soap and water and really be sure to get all the soap residue out. Then rinse with 2 teaspoons of non chlorine household bleach and rinse again with water well. If you are filling with water not from a commercial treated tap (like a well) then you need to add a drop or two of bleach for storing.
Store all water in a cool dark place.
I hate bleach, and having to rotate all my water every six months not to mention saving twelve two litter bottles of soda would take me half of a year...which is why I recommend just buying this amount. As you grow your water storage you can start prepping you own water.

Much more on water.... and everything else... to come soon.

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