Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Freezer Jam

Cost: $2.99-$5.99
Time: 25 minutes

Oh Freezer Jam.
That delicious treat usually only found in my mother-in-laws freezer. It reminds me of visiting them and eating it over homemade biscuits in the morning. You can have some for your own freezer. It is cheap and even easier than you would expect. 25 minutes. REALLY. Even if you have never canned, made jam, etc. It is a baby step. You'll feel like a pro after completing this project. A well feed Pro.
My fruit of choice today. Strawberries. On Sale for $1.50 a carton today. One carton will make almost 30oz. Strawberry is my families favorite too so bonus.
Use some fruit from your garden, orchard, or neighbor, and you are getting almost 30 oz of fresh jam for $2.99. Boy would I like to try some blackberries next. Anybody got a crop?

2 16 oz containers- plastic of glass will do
1 1.75 oz package dry pectin
4 cups of sugar
2 cups crushed strawberries
3/4 cup water

Wash, and de-stem your strawberries. I cut into quarters as well.
Crush them- I use my blender and just pulse it a few times.
Add 4 cups of sugar
Let stand for 10 minutes
Bring water and pectin to boil in small saucepan for one minute.
Stir into strawberry/ sugar mix
Let stand 3 minutes.
Pour into containers.
Leave for 24 hours.
Place in Freezer.

Jam will last about three weeks in fridge or 1 year in the freezer. This may be just one more reason I need a freezer in the garage. A freezer where I could line rows and rows of colorful jams made on various produce I grow or am given, and never buy store bought jam again. Of course in all matching uniform jars with pretty labels as well.

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