Thursday, October 1, 2009

Year Supply Checklist

Another topic I have yet to dive into to much is food storage. I am the type who mostly has pantry style food storage- the kind of food storage we eat and rotate, the kind you buy at Costco. I do however have some food storage in the traditional #10 cans. The kind that lasts longer. I would love by the end of the next year to have a year supply for all four of us in #10 cans. My problem is really that I don't have the shelving for it. I have the space though and so I am on the look out for a great deal of the perfect shelving unit, which I can purchase in multiples. A post on shelving coming soon I am sure. In the mean time I have complied a year supply list of #10 cans. The list is per person and just an example. You could change out things to accommodate your families taste of course. I think I will focus on accumulating the dairy and cooking items first for our family. Focusing on one category a month maybe will make it tackle able and affordable.

Year supply for one person

Cooking Helps
-1 chicken broth
-1 creamy soup base
-1 salt (iodized of course)
-1 baking powder
-1 baking soda

-1 cheese blend
-6-8 instant milk
-2 egg mix

Breads and Cereal
-2 creamy wheat cereal
-1 instant oatmeal
-1 spagetti noodles
-1 egg noodles
-2 cornmeal
-1 other noodle
-2 white rice
-4 other cereals
-1 granola
-2 yellow popcorn
-6 hard red wheat
-6 hard white wheat

-1 freeze dried berries
-1 freeze dried strawberries
-3 various fruit drink mix
-1 apple slices
-1 banana slices

-1 freeze dried broccoli
-1 freeze dried green beans
-1 freeze dried green peas
-1 freeze dried corn
-1 carrots
-1 chopped onions
-1 tomato powder
-1 potatoes slices
-2 potato pearls

Fats and Baking
-1 margarine powder
-2-3 white sugar
-3-4 white flour
-2 shortening powder

Protein and Legumes
-1 split green peas
-2 pinto beans
-2 kidney beans
-1 other beans
-1 Bacon Bits TVP
-1 Taco Meat TVP
-1 Beef TVP
-1 Chicken TVP

This is a minimal list which would only include about 1100 calories per day. But boy will it take up a lot of space. Better get searching for those shelves.
Got anything you think I need to add to the list? or tips on where I can get some good shelves?

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