Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blog Awards

Mama Hen over at Mama's Little Chick just sent over an award for me and my silly little blog.
Thanks Mama Hen.
I am honored that you read this thing of mine
Let alone applaud it.

You should go check out Mama's Little Chick
You can see her shout out to me
Then read her thoughtful and reflective posts on the life of being a Mama.

With this award comes the suggestion that I share seven things about myself.
As if a blog isn't just one big expression of oneself already. Ha!

Here are some things you might not know about me.

1. I refuse to drink milk if it is more than three days old. I don't mean three days over the expiration date (that would be reasonable). I mean three days after it has been opened. It just doesn't taste the same. This quirky trait just means I don't drink a lot of milk in the end I will drink it when it is first opened then make the family drink the rest of the gallon until I buy a new gallon.

2. I am married to a farm boy/ turned lawyer/ turned business genius. The last eight years with him have been simply happy. He makes my life oh so good. Being a stay at home mom with a work from home dad is really the best life.

3. Though I was an athletic type in my younger days, I would be hard pressed to run more than two miles now. I am blessed to say I am naturally thin, so I just can't get my lazy self motivated to benefit from the other benefits of exercise. Plus doesn't chasing around two toddlers count as exercise anyway.

4. I have two children, whose creation and birth are both testaments to the fact that I have no control and our Heavenly Father is merciful, generous and has a sense of humor. (We went through infertility, and were desperate for our first born only to accidentally get pregnant when she was just 12 months old with our son) Ha!
on a similar note I am completely obssesed with my children and am sure they are the most beautiful and intellegent creatures ever. I try to keep this blog clear of them for the most part because they have my family blog donated almost entirely to them.

5. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
This really defines who I am and what I do everyday.
Currently both my husband and I are leading the young men's and young women's programs in our ward and we absolutely love it.

6. When I was a young adult and teen I traveled and saw the world. The Pyramids, the Great Wall of China- you name it. But when I married all that traveling came to a halt. I am just too responsible with our family finances. Plus there is nowhere I am happier than at home.

7. I have seen every episode ever made of Lost and The Office. And would be perfectly content if my television antenna only picked up these programs on a constant repeat cycle.

Thanks again for the award Mama Chick!

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  1. You are welcome! It is well deserved! I used to be very athletic in my younger days. I am not naturally thin though. Ugh! I have to get on that treadmill already! I also used to travel a lot. When Little Chick gets older I will take her on trips. have a super day!

    Mama Hen


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