Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Mission Statement

Sorry for posting so late.
This morning was a oh so fun trip to the pediatrician's office.

Last night though we had a wonderful family evening.
We decided to revisit the idea of our Family's Mission Statement.

Having a Mission Statement is something we had done in the past,
but had let our statement become out dated and not something on the forefront of our minds.

Before we married, Jake and I decided that we would be conscious, aware, and educated about building our marriage and our family.
That we would put effort into making our marriage and our family strong, healthy and what we envisioned for ourselves.

Observing families we knew and were in, it became clear that the families that put effort and direction into their family had the kind of family life we wanted, and the families that did not have a focus, and just lived without purpose seemed to be weaker families potentially falling apart.

It was obvious what kind of family we wanted to be.

So Yesterday while baking my classic chocolate chip cookies we discussed what our new mission statement should include.

We created this.


Vision: to have a heavenly home on earth and a family that lives together for eternity.

I will do my best to do right by my family, my Heavenly Father and my community, and uphold the Freeman Family Values which are.

CHEERFUL: happy, fun, friendly and pleasant to be around
OBEDIENT: to parents, to the words of the prophets, to the commandments of God
LOVING: Speaking only kind words, respectful, showing others you love them through word and deed.
SELFLESS: putting other family members above self
FULL OF FAITH: turning to prayer and Heavenly Father at all times
DEVOTED TO FAMILY: loyal, putting family 1st, team member
RESPONSIBLE: with money, with work, with belongings, with our home responsibilities and in our community
FULL OF EFFORT: giving our best to all we have committed to, not giving up
SMART: making wise choices, valuing educations, loving to learn
TRUSTWORTHY: dependable, honest in all things
HEALTHY: active, eating healthy, obeying the word of wisdom, careful.

Being involved in the young men's, scouting, and young women's programs in our church we used the visions, statements and mottos they have as a model.

The process of making our family mission statement and vision was rather easy.

1. We decided on an ultimate goal for our family life, and made this our VISION.
2. We brainstormed together what values were important to our family.
3. We defined these values
4. We assigned committing words to the things that we deem important (family, God, and community)
5. We asked if each member of the family could commit to the vision and statement
6. We made family goals and personal goals based on a family value.
7. We will print and display the vision and statement prominently in our home.
8. We will review our goals quarterly and statement and vision annually.

Majesty is most excited about making our teenage children repeat the family mission statement before they leave for the evening to hang out with friends or on a date.

I am pleased with the sense of family that having a common goal and personalize vision and statement gives us as a family.

Tonight is Monday night. Family night.
If you don't have a family vision or mission statement try creating one tonight.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I've been reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, so I've been thinking about our family and our goals a lot. I think we'll be ready to create our own soon!


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