Friday, May 21, 2010

Shelf Help

I went Garage Saleing on Saturday.
Is that the right word... (Saleing)
whatever.. moving on to more important matters.

I found this tacky but large shelf for $2.
It was in great shape, and would have matched Samurai's Dr. Suess room almost too well
but I had other plans for it from the get go.
I collected this assortment of tins and jars for another $2.00 total at a different sale.

Three coats of white paint that was sitting in the garage and two days later

It is lovely and functional and DOES NOT look like something from a Dr. Suess book in my laundry room.
All the tins are now a place for change, buttons, and those freshening tablets for the washing machine.

Ignore the 15 year old iron and its hideousness.
Did you notice the cord is broken in several places?
Are you worried about my house catching fire?
Or me getting electrocuted dutifully ironing Majesty's dress shirts?
Don't be.
The last time we ironed anything was over a year ago.
Just another benefit of my husband working from home.

Garage Sales are simply the best
I have been looking for a shelf for the laundry room for a while
Shelves like this one run about $40 at Roberts.
Glad my $2 version came along.
Plus I love that it didn't just go to waste.
And fill up the dump

Extra: I still have the little colored boxes that were in the cubby holes.
Maybe they WILL end up in the Dr. Suess room


  1. I need more shelves! What a great find!! Garage sales are also great for outdoor toys that little ones grow out of in a couple of years. I got a beautiful Little Tikes huge jungle gym for free last year. It is super and looks like brand new!!

    Mama Hen

  2. Wow, you did wonders with that shelf! It looks really nice - I see these a lot when I'm out thrifting and always wonder what I could do - maybe I should give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!


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