Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Direction & Motivation

Those of you who have read me for some time may have noticed a little bit of a shift in my focus.
I have been blogging more recipes, before & after projects.... more nonsense less preparedness.

The truth is that when I started this blog I was just starting getting emergency preparedness projects and provident living projects started with my family.
This blog was a way to keep track and document my progress and share what I had learned.

I am mostly done with the list of what I set out to do.
I have a few loose ends, but mostly am working on my last big goal-

1 year of dried goods for the whole family.

This is a lot of the same, and going very slowly.

So instead of blogging about each purchase of red wheat (boring, boring, boring)
I have been sharing with you other projects that have been keeping my busy and my mind from turning into one big pile of wheat and rice.
All the while trying to stay motivated and dedicated to that big goal.

I have added a to-do list on the side bar to keep better records of my progress from here on out.

  • Re certify CPR & First Aid
  • Kids Safety Kits
  • Grow and Can Own Salsa
  • Home Fire Evacuation Map
  • 1 Year Dried Goods
  • Fire Safe Storage- Done
  • Vital Documents- Done
  • 40 Gallon Water - Done
  • 6 months Savings- Done
  • Back Up Photos- Done
  • Creat 3 Month Menu- Done
  • 3 Mon. Pantry- Done
  • Flu Kits- Done
  • Evacuation Plan- Done
  • Family Statement- Done
  • Create Family Budget- Done
  • Freezer Jam- Done
  • Homeade Bread- Done
  • Family 72 Hour Kits- Done
  • Kids Car Bag- Done
  • 1st Aid Kit Cars- Done
  • 1st Aid Kit Home- Done
  • Vegtable Garden- Done

While I work on the 1 year supply, I'll just keep posting about other more interesting stuff.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Great list and good job for getting most of it done! It gets me inspired to keep track of some things that need to be done in my house. I need to make a list. Thank you for making a good one to follow. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen


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