Monday, June 7, 2010

Hail in June

Everybody posts about how the snow is ridiculous in Spring. Living here for 7 years or more, I know to expect late storms and cold weather. Snow in April, even occasionally in May doesn't surprise me, or get me down.
It is the price we pay to live in a beautiful valley where we don't even have to have air conditioning in our homes.
It is the price we pay to have the best skiing in the country 15 minutes away.
Weather did surprise me yesterday however.
Last night we had just got the kids to bed, when the loudest, brightest, most painful storm I have seen in some time began. When we peeked outside we found marble sized hail coming down.
It is JUNE

We ran outside to cover my garden in whatever bowls and pots we could collect from the kitchen.
We were outside for maybe three minutes but were soaking wet and somewhat injured from the fast falling ice from the sky.

Summer is a matter of opinion here in Heber.

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  1. Tarps...I know you probably don't get hail much there but those blue tarps that they sale in hardware stores work wonders. They have saved my garden several times.


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