Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Shower Please

Just a reminder to please excuse my tardiness for late posting.
Jake is out of town for the week with the Scouts which means I am holding down the fort(s).
Being the only parent, doing all the housework, and manning the business all on my own is a great reminder as to why I am glad I married a guy I never want to leave.
Because this single parent stuff really stinks.

Why the picture of the shower?

Well maybe I have showers on my mind.

As in.. I wish I had gotten one today. HA!

I do but actually it is there because I bought this one this past weekend at my local Ace Hardware for $11.00.
I know it is not an essential in emergency preparedness.
But it is was so surprisingly cheap.
Why live without one.
Had I figured out they were so cheap I would have bought one long ago.

I'm the type of gal who is literally a zombie until I shower.
It is the first thing I do every morning.
I mean I have been up for 30 seconds and am in the shower.
So this would be an essential for me.

I can't report on the effectiveness of this camp shower because I sent it with Jake to Scout Camp.
Hopefully he will find a minute for himself to use it.

You can get one for your storage or camping supply here for all of $8.00

I think buying one is the best option really.
But you could also try to make your own.
Here are a few ideas if that is the route you want to go.

Homeade Umbrella Shower
Shower in the Woods
Camp Shower 3 Ways
Zero Impact Shower

p.s.- Don't try and google emergency shower- all you get are lab and eye wash station type posts.
p.p.s- Don't forget a tarp or shower curtain for privacy.

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