Monday, June 21, 2010

ReStore Resale Outlets

I'm back from camp.
And exhausted.
Really I don't remember being this exhausted since I gave birth to my 1st child.
Not my 2nd child- that was less exhausting.

So keep cutting me slack this week if there are less posts than usual.

I wanted to share with you today something you may not know about.

No Doubt you have heard of Habitat for Humanity- and surely you agree it is a great program.

But have you heard of the ReStore resale outlets.

They sell new fixtures left over from builds or fixtures that are not needed for builds.
They also sell used furniture, mess up paint, home accessories, building materials, etc.
It is like if the thrift store and Home Depot had a baby.

I stopped by for nothing in particular today but to browse around.
They had tons of lovely shades of paint in five gallon buckets for $20.
A wide selection of used desks for $35 or less.
and everything else from unfinished doors, caulk,sinks, carpet pad and baskets and vinyl lettering.

What they did not have- weed killer- the one thing I would have purchased today.

It was a pretty great place to start if you are starting a new project like finishing a basement.

They are all over the place- and surely there is one in your town.

Go here to see.

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