Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lands' End Deals

Lands End is not normally a store I shop at.
It feels like shopping at K-mart or Sears for clothing to me.

But is pure swim suit desperation
(desperation to cover me up mostly)
I turned to a company I normally find more matronly than my

I was surprised by what I found.

Instead of just shopping their website I ventured over to the upper left hand corner to the overstock tab.
Under this tab you will see several catagories.
Home and Travel
On the Counter
Not Quite Perfect

Lets start with their normal Overstock selection.

I found this Women's croc leather belt in a variety of colors for $3.99.
This is a steal is is not?
This yellow girls hoodie for $9.99 on their "Not Quite Perfect" rack
It does list the imperfections on the site- but with kids clothes they are going to be imperfect in about one wear anyways, so it would be a risk I am willing to take.
Especially for an adorable fleece lined hoodie for Katerade.

This little boys swim rash guard for $6.99 on their " On the Counter"
On the counter is where they put a select few items in limited quanitites on Saturday. On Monday they reduce the price 25% more, on Wednesday 50% and on Friday 75%.
If there is something you love get it at the begining of the week-
but if it is not something you have to have- wait and see it dropped to a few bucks. This boys swim guard for example should be aruond $3.49 on Friday if there are any left.

I also found this women's Sun life turtleneck for $9.50 which will be around $5.00 on Friday.
It comes in tons of colors too and would be great for biking and skiing. I think I might actually buy this in the green or black.

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  1. I like Lands End. I'm always surprised with how much perfectly good Lands End clothes I find at Goodwill.


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