Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oreo Suckers

Remember how half the dessert I make are covered in chocolate and on a stick.
So I work with what I have. (shoulder shrug)
Which is usually a lot of dipping chocolate and candy sticks.

I had seen something like this around.
Oreos do happen to be one of my favorite treats.
So much so that my husband usually buys me a box or two for Valentines Day instead of flowers and chocolates.

So of course I wanted to try to make Oreo Suckers for myself.
To start open all your Oreos.
Twist the tops off I mean.
I hope you have had some practice at this because it is not as easy as the commercial makes it seem.
Some might break- you can go ahead and eat those they are of no use to the project.

Next place your candy stick in the cream center like you see above. You want to push the stick through the cream so it is laying on cookie.
Next take a bit of melted chocolate and dab it over the stick. Then put the cookie back together
This helps the stick stay in place and the top of the cookie stick back on.
Let these dry for about five minutes.
Otherwise the top falls of in the chocolate when you dip and you have to eat all of them as well.
Now you are ready for dipping.
Like always dip in chocolate using the method you are most comfortable with.
For me that is my boyfriend Almond Bark coating.
I stick it in a microwave safe bowl for 30 seconds, stir and in for another 30-45.
Cover the cookie completely then let it set and cool on chocolate coatings best friend wax paper.
You can decorate with more chocolate drizzle, sprinkles or nothing at all.

Now I am sure you can find an adorable way to package them.
But these little babies are just for us to eat.

I wasn't sure there was a way to improve on the OREO.
Turns out I was wrong.
Covering them in more chocolate and putting them on a cute stick makes them somehow even more delicious and addicting.


  1. *B* LOVES the fudge covered oreos that only come out at Christmastime. I am definitely making these for him. Thanks!


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