Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dear Garden

Dear Garden-

You are simply put the best garden I have ever had.
You have brought me so much joy this year, as I have watched you grow (entirely from seed) in my laundry room window, to bigger pots, to finally the ground.
You were a late bloomer- not doubt about that.
But what was I do expect when we were still getting snow in June?

We normally eat everything you have to offer almost right off the vine, into my mouth or more commonly the mouth of one very-excited-she-grew-plants-to-eat daughter.

Today was a rarity, and your produce was brought inside, properly washed and sauteed in extra virgin olive oil all together.

It was delicious!
It tasted like summer and felt like thanksgiving.

We actually only ate fruit and vegetables for dinner tonight.
Sauteed Vegtables, cucumber and tomato salad, and fried plantanes.

A little strange?
Well we just have so much produce it was taking over the house.

So we feasted tonight.
on you Garden.

Don't be mad Garden.

We are so very grateful.

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