Monday, August 2, 2010

Time for a Fall Wreath Me Thinks

Okay so it is not fall yet
But the sunflowers have made their appearance lining the roads and filling empty fields.
This means summer is winding down.

I spent way to much time on this when I have 1 million other half finished projects to work on. But I don't really care because it makes me smile, and it was a lot more fun than re sanding and painting the front door.

It did take a while though. Over two hours.

Supplies you need.

Wreath base- any kind with do
Yarn- two spools of yarn in different colors at the least
Material and Felt- scraps will do nicely for fabric flowers
Misc- beads, birds, flowers... whatever you have got
Hot glue... and lots of it, also some tough fingertips if you are clumsy like me.

Step 1: Wrap your wreath base in yarn.
It doesn't have to be perfect. See the hay peeking through above.
Secure the yarn with hot glue. I was wrapping about two yards at a time- only gluing both ends down and gluing on to the back of the wreath

Step 2: Glue whatever you want wherever you want.
Really I had a plan from the start and was using this etsy store here as my inspiration.
I think as long as you have a good eye for colors- or get ideas from somewhere else it will look unique and charming.

I hot glued on about 20 fabric flowers (find that tutorial here)
a few yarn pom poms (find that tutorial here)
and some other random bird, plastic flowers and beads.

Then I tied a ribbon around the top to hang down.

I promise it is the coolest front door wreath in the neighborhood.
A heighten sense of wreath snobbery is totally what I was hoping for with this project too :)
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  1. Thanks for the idea. I would love to make one. I want to head to the dollar store to get some stuff. Thanks.. I am stopping by from Friday Fav. if you want to stop on my I am also hosting an event. Have a great day..

  2. How absolutely adorable! I LOVE this idea! The color you chose is perfect, too. Great job!

  3. This is really cute. I love that color combination too!

  4. This is awesome! I love it - so unique! Thanks for linking up to the DIY Fall Festival! I'm going to include your wreath in this week's highlights!



  5. This is so cute! I'm bookmarking this idea.


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