Monday, August 16, 2010

Save Even More Online

So it can' t be a secret anymore that I am an online shopper.
Because it takes at least 45 minutes for me to get anywhere, with 45 minutes back, shopping with two children is a task.  I guess it is for anyone really, but we waste 1.5 hours of what might be happy, patient children time just driving. 
Not only is it easier to find the best deal online too, I can often get shipping for less than it would cost me in gas to get to a store and back.
After a quick check for a promo code before checkout, I get a great deal.

Because of this I have become very comfortable shopping online.

I buy music and books of course.
most the gifts I give,
children's clothings,
small appliances,
home decor,
toys and baby gear,
electronic and computer equipment,
even what could be intimidating swim suits and dresses
to the super small stuff like batteries and pacifiers.
I was about to type that the only thing I have yet to buy online is food-
but I buy all my food storage online- so I guess I have covered that category too.

Amazon, Overstock, and are some of the most common retailers we use.
But a simple Google Search can usually help us to find exactly what we were looking for.

Today I saw this story about which days to shop for what online to ensure the best deals.
I think I will include it into how and when I shop online. 

Where do you find good deals online?

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