Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Custom Door Mat

Have you seen custom door mats like this one.
If you wanted this one... it is $57.00

Having a new custom door mat for my own front door was completely part of the "Freshen Front Door" project I have been working on this month.

I had completed this wreath,
sanded and repainted the door bright white,
pressure washed the cement steps and awning.

It was really all that was left of the front door makeover.

I found a  plain door mat like this one at TJ Max for $5.99. 
This one  above is actually from IKEA for all of $4.99.

I brought it home and started laying some masking tape to mark off the lines.
I printed large letters out on Word, then cut the letters out of the paper, to leave a stencil.

I took the mat outside and sprayed it with some left over Black Spray Paint.  I seem to have an endless supply 1/4 cans of spray paint.

It smudged a little, you can see by the J.

Overall I am pleased with my $5.99 door mat.
And my front door makeover is complete!

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