Monday, September 20, 2010

Desk Chair in Progress

I found this baby for $3 at a church rummage sale.
Sadly I was told it had three siblings- and they had all been sold just moments ago.
Who buys three chairs of a set of four?

She was rough.
Somebody had tried to rid her of all her turquoise beauty with paint stripper... it was not a success.
But she was sturdy.
And I liked her roundness.

I used her as a chair for my little studio for a while.
Just the way she was... with all that character.

But then it was time for her to move inside to replace the broken neon green plastic folding chair I bought at Wal-Mart almost 8 years ago.

She was sanded down within minutes with a power sander.

The plan:
Glossy white with a dark walnut seat.

Here she is without the stain and just the white.
I was tempted to just put some finish on that natural wood and call it good.
She had already come so far.

but she is not done yet.
Stay tuned for her big reveal.

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