Saturday, September 18, 2010

DIY Show Off

The DIY Show Off

You know this blog by now I am sure

The DIY Showoff is everybody's favorite collection of DIY projects.
I know I am a frequent reader.... like daily.... okay... like 3 times a day.

The DIY queen herself and in all her wisdom featured a past post of mine.

My Pretty Yarn Wreath for Fall.

I am so honored!

And deserving :)

That is one beautiful wreath I made. 
It still makes me happy every time I pull up to the house or open the door.
Not to mention that I have had too many compliments to count on it.
People like yellow.  It makes them happy.
Throw in a funky bird, and a color palette from a different decade, and you are sure to please.

Go here, and make yourself one today.

I am already contemplating my next Winter wreath.

1 comment:

  1. I love it. You are so right about the yellow its very cheery. I found you from The DIY Showoff.



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