Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sites I am a Sucker For

Some of these sites are new to me, and some are old friends.  But one thing is consistent between them all.
They offer something great and have me wasting too much time browsing around.

DesignSponge recently named them a top pick to purchase fabric.  I agree with exclamation points.
You can design and print your own fabric for $18 a yard, or purchase something another fabric lover has created.
I am suddenly inspired to create a nursery for a child not yet in my womb...
or at least reupholster an old chair.
This is my new number 1 place to go for decorating inspiration.

Apron Thrift Girl
She lives in Sonoma, CA, which apparently is the best place for thrift, flea market, rummage sale, type shopping. This or the Apron Thrift Girl is lying about the price she is paying for this stuff.
Cotton Candy Machines
Mid Century Modern Kitchen Wares
All things pretty and vintage

Watching what she brings up has me regretting garage sale season is almost at an end.

Etsy and I have a off again on again relationship.
Once I had a store.  Then I didn't.
One month I was addicted so much so that each time I was home alone at night this is the site I would pour over- which usually resulted in me purchasing too many things.
Then I got rehabilitated and refused to purchase anything for the next few months off Etsy.
Currently we have a working relationship.
I browse for ideas and inspiration for my own projects.
I occasionally purchase a gift or item for myself.
I still think they are the best thing to come to the home business owner in more than a decade.

Giver's Log
It seems that more and more of our budget as we get nearer to middle-aged (shutter) seems to be going towards gifts.  Maybe it is because we know more people, maybe it is because when you are making a decent living you don't feel  a $20 Target gift card is a suitable wedding gift, maybe it is because we are somehow becoming more generous and giving with age (hopefully)
Whatever the reason, new, fresh and pretty ideas for gifts are always welcomed.
Features like
Free printables
Give that Man a Hand
Pretty Packaging
make her site all the more appealing.

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  1. ooooo...I look forward to visiting these sites. Thank you for sharing. The idea of making my own fabric!!! Love it!


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