Monday, October 4, 2010

My Charmed Autumn Life

I shared this over at Team Freeman but thought you folks here might enjoy as well.

This is what my life looks like at 3:00 pm on a Monday afternoon.

We spent the afternoon at the park.
We waited until Samurai woke up from his nap, then I threw on my green, light, zip hoodie, and packed my bag with a few snacks.

And followed my children up and down the slides {with my camera} for about 45 minutes.

Then I sat down.  Offered  said snacks to the crew.
They partook- then jetted back to the slides.
Leaving me with half drunk juice pouches and a single cracker with a single bite out of it sitting on my shin.

It was perfectly perfect outside.  That is how it is when you live in the Heber Valley in the early fall.
I took it all in.
Along with the continuing squeals of delight from children who love the park.

My Charmed Autumn Existence continues.
It is a nice sequel to the Summer of Fun.

He really is going to bite his tongue off someday.  I just know it.
I love how when Kate smiles, the corners of her mouth don't go up- the entire middle of her mouth goes up instead.
Check out Katerade's sweet new kicks.
She is loving her new black converse all stars with pink ties.
She is growing so fast lately and out of everything.
Sam is not too far behind her, so I anticipate that these shoes will be traded out with some red laces and given to the little man in the house by Christmas.

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