Thursday, November 4, 2010

$1 Project- Graphic Soap Dispensers

Cute soap don't you think?
I found these white ceramic soap dispensers at the Dollar Store the other day.
When I bought them I thought I might just fill them with soap and place them in both the upstairs bathrooms where we just have the plastic one use (but I keep refilling them anyway) kind.

Then I thought I should give them a bit of personality.

What you will need-
Foam brush
Mod Podge
Soap Dispenser
Graphic-  I made mine in about 1 minute on Photoshop.

What do do-
1. Create and Print Graphic.
2. Cut out graphic.
3. Mod Podge graphic onto soap dispenser.

Yup that is it.
I am a bit worried they might not hold up to tons of water, but if they look horrible in 6 months or so, I can always make more again for $1 each.

I went with a hand washing graphic in blue for the kid's bathroom-  they could use the extra instruction, and for our bathroom the roman numeral four- for the four of us.


  1. I have this same soap dispenser! May have to try it!

  2. very cute!!

  3. These are amazing, I love these! Of course this pops up after I donated my soap dispenser...good thing the dollar store has more if I get the urge to make a cool dispenser like this!


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