Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome Spring- Yarn Wreath

I just heard on a morning show, that yarn was in.
Well that means I've been "in" for a while I guess.
 I made this last fall, and this for winter, 
and still was not sick of yarn on my front door.
So I imagined up a nice Spring wreath in similar funky yarn fashion.
The colors might seem to you a combination your grandmother used in her guest room,
but it is that thrift store find feel I find very pleasing about it.
Then I waited patiently for March 1, to come so I could feel justified in adorning my entrance in pastels and spring blossoms despite the fact we are expected to get 10 inches of snow this afternoon.

You can go here for a basic tutorial of a yarn wreath.
I'll warn you, I can smell the mass amounts of hot glue used through these pictures.

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