Wednesday, May 25, 2011

72 Hour Kit Revisited- Solar Power Cell Phone Charger

I revisited our 72 hour kit this past week.
It had been a little too long, mostly because of the basement remodel.
It was disassembled, then reassembled with new things.
Luckily most everything in the kit was still good, the only replacement items I needed were food items, water, and sunscreen because it had also expired.
I went ahead and added some more cash too, because I had some left over from a recent vacation.

It really only took about 20 minutes at the store and home to collect new items and place them in our backpack.

The one thing I don't have in my bag yet is this

A solar charge for (most any) cell phone.

I found this
one on Amazon. It is the best rated charger and at only $29.99, maybe I should just go ahead already. The biggest complaint consumers have with it is that solar power- in general will only charge your phone to about 50%.
But hey my phone is usually only 50% charged anyways because I always forget to plug it in at night and let it go for three days without charging.
Most the reviews of the charger are glowing!
Also it can use solar power, or be plugged in to any computer to get power- two options is always better than one in an emergency.
It also has an LED light that people raved about too as an extra.

How about any of you?
Do you have a solar power charger for your cell phone?
Do you have one for your car and one for your 72 hour kit.... like I want.

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