Monday, June 6, 2011


Perhaps you remember this post see #6.

Where I gave you the play by play of us trying to get the birds to stop pooping all over our entry.
We ended up accidentally drowning several baby birds, getting attacked by a pack of adult birds, and eventually armored our column with 50 or so long nails to prevent future problems.

We thought that was the end of the story too.
Until yesterday evening- when we peeked outside and found a very large nest.
It had been built at the top of the column- within a three or four day period.... right on top of the nails- even using the nails for support.

It really is quite beautiful.
And we debated what we should do.
Clearly a mother bird was preparing this home for the eggs she would soon lay.
Jake was refusing to get it down.
Not because he felt bad for the birds, but because he refused to be attacked by the barn swallows like last time.
After much debate I had him get the ladder. I climbed up. And removed the nest from its location by the front door.
I was surprised by its weight. Easily 4lbs. And its intricacy. Mud caked outside. Softer straw in the inside. Strong sticks woven in and out of the nails using them as support.
I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. I placed it as close as I could to its original location in a large bush hoping its creator would find it. But I don't think she did. I saw her looking forlorn and lost on the garage gutter later that night.
Being about to bring a baby into the world, it almost makes me cry that I destroyed this mother's hard work.
I am reminded of myself- 9 months pregnant with Kate staying up until 2:00 am determined to finish the bedding I was sewing for her room.
I am reminded of just how much work I have spent for this new child, cleaning and organizing its soon to be room, and clothes, and things. The fabric I special ordered for a quilt for her.
And I know it is just a bird. A barn swallow we can't rid our house of despite drastic measures. A bird who tries to fly in the house, and leaves poop all over the sidewalk and entry.
But I still almost couldn't do it.
I did though. I left her with no place to lay her eggs, no safe place for her babies to be born.
And I feel pretty awful about it.

Of course now in what apparently is prime barn swallow real estate- we have placed this tacky owl, so thwart future attempts of nesting.
In the end I am not sure what is worse, all the bird poop, or this owl that looks like we forgot to take down one of our Halloween decorations.
Hopefully it scares off the birds from now on, so I don't have anymore moral issues on my hands concerning whether or not I can ruin all another mother's nesting.

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